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Whether you are the lessor or the lessee, a residential lease in Washington, DC locks you into the terms and conditions of an agreement. When a problem arises, you must look to the agreement to determine how to solve it. This matters because for the lessor, the profit obtained from the lease constitutes part of your livelihood, and for the lessee, the residential space you lease is your home even if temporary. That's why ensuring the residential lease is fair and, better yet, works in your favor, is important.

At the Law Office of Alfredo Vasquez, our tenant-landlord attorney in Washington, DC will draft, assess, and review residential leases to ensure they comply with the law and are fair. We can also handle most other matters related to landlord-tenant law. Contact us today at (202) 525-7710 to schedule a consultation and to learn more.

Legal Assistance for Evictions in Washington, DC

Both landlords and tenants have rights and responsibilities in Washington, DC in terms of their property and the eviction. Making sure each complies with the rules and following the procedures accordingly is important to secure justice in any given situation. A mistake can cause delays and other problems contrary to your interests.

Whether you are the tenant or the landlord, make sure you follow the rules. At the Law Office of Alfredo Vasquez, our tenant-landlord attorney handles eviction cases in Washington, DC. We know the law. We know the arguments that are often used on both sides. And we act proactively and professionally to make sure your interests and rights are protected and upheld. 

Basic Eviction Process in Washington, DC

The exact process for eviction varies from state to state, but there are some steps that are common in almost all jurisdictions. 

Proper Notice: A tenant must be given proper notice that they must leave the premises by a certain date. State laws may require that this notice be posted on the property, mailed to a certain address, or served on the tenant.

File and Serve Notice: Generally, the landlord will next need to file a complaint in the proper court and have the tenant served with a notice of hearing regarding their occupancy of the property.

Hearing Held: A hearing is held before a judge. If the judge agrees that the eviction should move forward, a date is set for the tenant to vacate the property. 

Tenant Removed: If the tenant still does not leave, the landlord may enlist the help of local law enforcement to have the tenant evicted from the property.

If you live in Washington, DC, contact us at (703) 594-1838 so that you can get your specific questions and concerns answered and have your rights and obligations described to you. We can also represent you during the hearing and advocate your rights before the judge.

Tenant Rights during an Eviction

Each state affords tenants certain rights during the eviction process. While these rights vary by jurisdiction, one of the most common rights is the right to defend against eviction. Every state has defenses to eviction available to tenants, and when a tenant feels that their rights have been violated, they have the ability to raise one of these defenses. Defenses include improper notice and acceptance of rental money. When a tenant raises a defense, they have the right to remain in the property until a judge makes a finding on the eviction and their right to stay in the property.

When a tenant rents property, there is typically a contract that is signed. Tenants should read this contract to understand any rights they might have under its terms. Also, tenants have the right to seek counsel from an attorney.

Landlord Obligations during an Eviction in Washington, DC

Landlords have certain rules they must abide by during the eviction process. While the specific rules vary by jurisdiction, landlords typically cannot:

  • Evict a tenant without cause
  • Evict a tenant as a form of retaliation
  • Enter the property and remove items belonging to the tenant
  • Block the tenants' access to the property
  • Evict a tenant without proper notice of the eviction
  • Landlords often become upset when they have a tenant who is not paying. Even so, they must follow the legally mandated protocol for eviction.

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Whether you are the tenant or the landlord, an eviction can be a frustrating, time-consuming process. Making sure you know your rights and responsibilities can go a long way to securing a favorable outcome. 

At the Law Office of Alfredo Vasquez, our real estate lawyer in Washington, DC will review your case and advise you of your best legal options. Acting proactively and professionally throughout the course of this process will help you in the long run, and we can help make sure that happens through our representation of you and your rights. Contact us today either by filling out the online form or calling us at (202) 525-7710 to schedule a consultation. 

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