Practice Areas


At the Law Office of Alfredo Vasquez, our team provides a range of legal services aligned with the needs of our clients. When you hire us, you will always receive one-on-one client attention and representation that helps you get the best outcome for your legal situation. If you need an attorney in Washington, DC or Northern Virginia, contact us at 202-525-7710 to schedule a consultation and get the advice and representation you need.

Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

Breach of Contract, Consumer Litigation, Debt Collection Defense, Petitions for Declaratory Judgement

Community Associations

Homeowners' Association (HOA) Disputes, Bylaw Violations, Condo Insurance Disputes, Assessments & Collections, Foreclosure by HOA or Condo Association

Foreclosure Defense

Loan Modifications, Nonjudicial Foreclosures, Unlawful Foreclosures, Foreclosure Prevention


Security Deposits, Lease Drafting, Review of Lease Terms, Collection of Unpaid Rents, Tenants' Assertions

Real Estate Litigation

Partition of Property, Suits to Quiet Title, Tax Sales, Drafting of Deeds

Small Business Disputes

Breach of contract, consumer disputes, business to business disputes, business dissolution or business partner disputes, commercial leases, debt collection defense

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The Law Office of Alfredo Vasquez serves people in Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia, offering clients customized solutions in civil litigation, community associations, real estate litigation, landlord-tenant, and small business disputes.