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There is a fine line between wanting to uphold the value of property in a neighborhood and intruding on property owners' rights. Homeowners' associations (HOAs) and condo associations in Washington, DC are set up to manage homeowner rights and responsibilities so that the community can be enjoyed by everyone, but that's not what always happens. Disputes often arise between property owners and the homeowners' association and can become litigious if not handled properly.

At the Law Office of Alfredo Vasquez, our homeowner's defense attorney in Washington, DC is familiar with the complexities around HOAs and condo associations. We work with your interests in mind and use our resources strategically. Contact us today at (202) 525-7710 to schedule a consultation.


HOA and Condominium Legal Services in Washington, DC 

An HOA is a non-profit organization established with the general mission to protect and improve property values for those people living within a community. It does this by enforcing a set of rules and bylaws and is funded by payments from the residents of the community. It typically has a board of directors that oversees its activities.  

HOAs can provide necessary services to the community. These services include:

  • The maintenance of common areas, including pools, gardens, and the community clubhouse
  • Landscaping for common areas
  • Resolving disputes between property owners
  • Depending on the needs of a particular community, there may be more services offered by the HOA.

Common HOA Issues in Washington, DC

Disputes between HOAs and homeowners can become litigious. Here are some of the most common reasons a lawsuit between a homeowner and HOA may arise. 

  • Failure to Upkeep Common Areas
  • Denial of Homeowner Applications
  • Pet Disputes
  • Violation of Rules Disagreement

Alternatives to HOA Litigation in Washington, DC

No matter the outcome, litigation is never a pleasant experience for either party. To be able to resolve a disagreement without having to go through litigation, a knowledgeable real estate attorney in Washington, DC can help you navigate the HOA's bylaws and governing documents to use them in your favor.

The Law Office of Alfredo Vasquez can assist you in responding to notices of violations and presenting effective defenses before the board of the HOA. Our experienced real estate attorney will make sure that your rights as homeowner are respected. 

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At the Law Office of Alfredo Vasquez, our real estate lawyer provides strong advocacy for homeowners and their property rights when they are in a dispute with or being sued by their HOA or condo association. If you have questions about HOA law in Washington, DC, we can help you. Contact us today by filling out the online form or calling us at (202) 525-7710 to schedule a consultation.

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